We provide the right renewable power solutions tailored to meet your needs. We supply genuine solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, batteries etc. from reliable brands like AfriPower, Luminous, SafePower, Schneider,Mobat,Trojan, Enersys, Full River, Almoron, AES Energy, Sacred Sun, Naruda, Kartel, CD True, etc


We have a team of skilled engineers and technicians dedicated to installation of power solutions, we also offer consulting services.

Xtek Solutions provides services in inverter installation in a unique way with Customer Service Response Team who are first class oriented and well experienced in the implementation of inverter system designs for home and industrial purposes, we believe that total customer satisfaction is only achieved, when a good quality product is supported by attentive and responsive customer care and after sales service.

Whether you are a Distributor or an end user of one our products, we strive to ensure that you receive the best customer service experience available in Nigeria.  Each of our products and services are supported by qualified and well experienced technical teams all over. We have engineers and technicians who undergo rigorous training by the manufacturers of every of our products. They provide a range of services from site inspection to system maintenance.

 We also provide training and support to mechanics/engineers.


Our highly skilled Engineering support team works all round to offer maintenance support and repairs of renewable power solutions deployed.

…….. Our solutions are suitable for Home, Offices & Everyone; We are well positioned and experienced to support all kind of solar power and Inverter installation projects

We currently serve

 Government Ministries and Parastatals

 Non Governmental Organizations



 Small/Medium Scale Companies

 Large Corporation

 Hospitals/Health Centers, Schools , Training Centers